Czech Republic 2017: University Hospital in Hradec Králové

Delegate: Vratislav Sedlák, MD, PhD, The Head of the Center for Sleep and Biorythm Disorders

Affiliations: University Hospital Hradec Králové, Czech Republic, European Union

The celebration of the World Sleep Day was organized on 16th of March. It started in in local Czech Radio Station as a discussion programme on the sleep medicine problems and later this day a medical conference took place in the Neurology Department. On 17 thj of March the day of open door for public was prepared in Neurology Sleep lab.

Location: University Hospital Hradec Králové Czech Republic

Date: 16-17th of March 2017

Short Bio: University Hospital in Hradec Králové offers complex healthcare facility for more then 1 million inhabitants of the eastern part of the Czech Republic. Its Center for Sleep and Biorythm Disorder covers the complex sleep medicine care in our area. It consists of complex team of six different specialties – neurology, pulmonology, othorihinolaryngology, psychiatry, stomatology and cardiology. The skilled specialists from these specialties share the united rules for patient management and provides the complex care for the whole spectrum of sleep disorders.