Cyprus 2024: Psychologist Mürşide Gül Yılmaz (MSc Psych Candidate) | Eastern Mediterranean University, Psychology Department

Delegate: Psychologist Mürşide Gül Yılmaz (MSc Psych Candidate)

Affiliation: Eastern Mediterranean University, Psychology Department

Short Bio: My name is Mürşide Gül Yılmaz. I am psychologist and I am student in the “General Psychology” master’s program of Eastern Mediterranean University in North Cyprus. I have also been working regularly and actively at the “Sleep Behaviors Research Lab” within the university for more than 3 years. Since I found the field of sleep very interesting and vital, the title of my thesis is “Sleep Patterns and the Predictive Roles of Screen Time on Attention in 5-6 Year Old Children in Northern Cyprus”. I have been working especially in the clinical and development field since I started my master’s degree. I am also a Psychology IGCSE and AS & A Level teacher at Near East Yeniboğaziçi College and actively work in the Guidance and Psychological Counseling Unit at Near East Yeniboğaziçi College in North Cyprus.

Activity: 15 March World Sleep Day 2024 Famagusta / North Cyprus

World Sleep Awareness Day has been organized in many countries around the world in different languages ​​in different places since 2008 to raise awareness about sleep. Representing Northern Cyprus as a delegate for the first time in 2024 was a great experience and an unforgettable memory for us. This year sleep awareness day we conducted the event first in English and then in Turkish with parents at Near East Yeniboğaziçi Primary School.
The content of the event is as follows.
– What is sleep for preschool and school-aged children?
– What is ultradian and circadian rhythms? What is sleep pressure?
– What is the importance of sleep-in children of this age group?
– What is the importance of quality sleep in children?
– What are the negative consequences of chronic insufficient sleep on children?
– Sleep recommendations (number of day naps, sleep latency recommendations, nighttime awakenings recommendations, total sleep duration recommendations)
– What are the sleep hygiene techniques for children in this age group?
The content of the World Sleep Day event is as above. I made slides of the above-mentioned topics in two sessions, first in Turkish and then in English, and made presentations in both languages. Because Northern Cyprus generally has Turkish culture, but people from many countries live together here. So doing it in both languages helped us reach more people and make my voice heard.
Sleep is of great importance for everyone in Northern Cyprus, where people from many countries live together. That’s why we received very good feedback from families because we did it in both Turkish and English.
The target audience of the awareness day is the parents of preschool and primary school age children, because we know that children in this age group experience major sleep-related problems very commonly. Sleeping is quite problematic in preschool and primary school children. Because many mothers work here and the children are always at school during the day, the children, whose routine has become quite complicated, have difficulty in adapting to the new order. Children who see their mothers and fathers very little during the day do not want to sleep at night. Sleep becomes a huge problem for the families of children who make various excuses just to not sleep. As far as I know, it was the first seminar held for families of children of this age group in Northern Cyprus. In this informative seminar for families of preschool and primary school children, we kept the content quite comprehensive so that families can learn everything about sleep and fundamentally understand how to deal with this problem. Thanks to the questions of the families at the end of the presentation, we created an interactive environment and achieved a very nice event.

Location: Famagusta, North Cyprus (Near East Yeniboğaziçi Primary School Conferance Hall)

Date of Activity: 15.03.2024

Submitted by: Psychologist Mürşide Gül Yılmaz (WSA student 13)