Croatia 2023: Alan Petranović, mag. psych. | Institute for Public Health of the Zagreb County

Delegate: Alan Petranović, mag. psych.

Affiliation: Institute for Public Health of the Zagreb County

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Activity: Theme: “Sleep as a pillar of health – medical and psychological aspects of sleep disorders”, Friday 13th of March at 13:00 – 14:15 CET

“Sleep and wakefulness disorders”, Ana Jadrijević Tomas, MD, a neurology specialist and somnologist, Center for Sleep and Wakefulness Disorders, The University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapče

“Cognitive-behavioral therapy in the treatment of various sleep disorders”, Ivan Zečević, mag. psych., CBT certified therapist

The lecture “Sleep and Wakefulness Disorders” is an opportunity to present sleep medicine – somnology, with an overview of the most important sleep and wake disorders, including insomnia and apnea, their clinical presentations, diagnostic methods, and treatment principles. It will also discuss “normal” sleep and the recommendations for achieving it, known as sleep hygiene.

The lecture “Cognitive-behavioral therapy in the treatment of various sleep disorders” will provide basic knowledge to health and allied professionals regarding available psychological therapy and the effects of each approach.

Entry is free for everyone. The number of places is limited, so those interested can register by email: [email protected]

Location: Gradska vijećnica, Zagrebačka ulica 37, 10410 Velika Gorica

Date of Activity: 17.03.2023.

Submitted by: Alan Petranović