Colombia 2024: Alain Riveros-Rivera | Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

Delegate: Alain Riveros-Rivera

Affiliation: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

Short Bio: Alain Riveros-Rivera, a medical physiologist, earned his doctorate under the guidance of Prof. Thomas Penzel at Charité-Berlin. Presently, he holds a professorial position at Javeriana University and acts as the Latin America ambassador for the AASM. He’s deeply engaged in fostering research and education about sleep, leading the CANNON research group and the INSPIRE research incubator.

Activity: The Pillow Challenge on World Sleep Day was a creative approach to raising awareness about the importance of sleep through gamification. In this activity, people from the audience selected friends and gave them a playful ‘pillow smack’ to help them realize the importance of cultivating good sleep habits.

Additionally, various activities were organized to educate participants on strategies for enhancing sleep quality, encompassing aspects such as nutrition and physical activity.

As the event unfolded on a Friday, a day known for nocturnal social engagements among students, our emphasis shifted towards elucidating the notion of social jet lag and its repercussions on physical and mental well-being.

Location: Bogotá D.C.

Date of Activity: March 15, 2024

Submitted by: Alain Riveros-Rivera