Colombia 2019: María Luisa Feijóo

Delegate: María Luisa Feijóo

Affiliations: Psicoandinos

Short Bio: Psicoandinos is the University of the Andes graduate association for psychologists, within Uniandinos. It’s objective is to benefit its members, the Association, its affiliates, the community of Uniandinos and the Colombian society in general, with the contributions and professional experiences of psychology through projects, services and activities, inspired by its principles.

Activity: Psicoandinos will be celebrating World Sleep day through the following activities:
1. A Sleep Stand to provide information on sleep health and a short sleep test so that people can evaluate how well they are sleeping.
2. Sleep Wall for people to post their answer to the following questions: Why is sleep important for me? Why is healthy sleep important for healthy ageing?. The answers will be collected, analyzed and presented to the participants after the event.
3. A sleepy tea service, which will be offering lavender tea.
4. A talk titled “Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging” (“Dormir bien para envejecer bien”) conducted by María Luisa Feijóo (Health Psychologist Specialised in Sleep).
Psicoandinos will conduct these activities in collaboration with Café Séneca (a group that develops activities for the elderly). Therefore, all of the activities will be specially targeted for the elderly (+60 years) population; although they will be open for the public in general.

Location: Sede Nacional Uniandinos, Calle 92 # 16 – 11

Date of Activity: 14th of March 2019, from 14:00 to 20:00

Submitted By: María Luisa Feijóo