China 2023: Zan Wang | the first hospital of Jilin University

Delegate: Zan Wang

Affiliation: The first hospital of Jilin University

Short Bio:

Activity: On March 20, 2023, Zan Wang ,the dean of sleep center at the specialized neurological hospital in the First Hospital of Jilin University, led to hold a multidisciplinary joint and free clinic activity themed “Good sleep, the source of health” on World Sleep Day.

Yi Yang fully affirmed the progress of sleep medicine in Jilin Province under the leadership of Zan Wang in his speech. He pointed out that multidisciplinary cooperation will serve the majority of patients with sleep disorders, and put forward constructive suggestions for the future development.
Professor Zan Wang introduced various types of sleep disorders, including insomnia, narcolepsy, parasomnia, restless leg syndrome and so on, and explained the influence of sleep disorders as well as the relationship between adolescent depression and sleep deprivation.
At the meeting, professor Zan Wang also announced a new popular science sleep book called “Deep and Good Sleep — Sleep Disorder Clinic”, which was made by many sleep experts in China. Professor Zan Wang and Changjun Su was the editor in chief!
At the meeting, there were a total of eleven experts in the province gave wonderful lectures on sleep popular science knowledge, including Jianmin Liang, professor of pediatric Neurology ,the First Hospital of Jilin University; Haibo Yuan, associate professor of respiratory sleep center; Xiangyan Cui, associate professor of otolaryngology, head and neck surgery; Tian Runhui, associate professor of mental health; Dan Xu, attending physician of traditional Chinese medicine sleep clinic; Jiaxin Yang, associate professor of gastro-colorectal surgery, general surgery center; Hailong You, associate professor of pediatric inhalation; Fang Deng, professor of stroke center, the First Hospital of Jilin University; Zhenni Guo, professor of the scientific research center; Yudan Lv, associate professor of neuroelectrophysiology platform; Qingqing Sun, physician of the sleep center,; Xinli Wang, chief physician of Jilin provincial People’s Hospital; Yuhong Man, associate professor of the sleep medicine center of the Second Hospital of Jilin University and Jianwei Dong, director of the sleep center of Changchun Central Hospital.

Location: ChangChun

Date of Activity: March 20,2023

Submitted by: Zan Wang