China 2023: Yiting(Grace) Wang | 梵安ANANDA Cultural Exchange Festival of Health

Delegate: Yiting(Grace) Wang

Affiliation: 梵安ANANDA Cultural Exchange Festival of Health

Short Bio: 梵安(fán ān)ANANDA Cultural Exchange Festival of Health is a non-profit organization. Our goal is to promote international exchange about health concepts, with international forums, themed salons and public benefit activities as its carrier.

Activity: – On 17th March 2023, we popularized World Sleep Day via WeChat(public account) and Instagram(personal account).
Here are the links:

– We made a public welfare short film for World Sleep Day 2023, here is the link:

– On 23rd March 2023, we held a live seminar about healthy sleep, and nearly 900 people have watched our seminar online, positively made interactions and received more than 40 thousands “likes” during our live broadcast. Our seminar sticks to the theme of WSD2023 “Sleep is Essential for Health” and hope to raise people’s awareness of healthy sleep.
1. We invited 4 experts to give speeches about healthy sleep from different perspectives.
2. We received a great response and lots of audiences expressed that they learnt a lot from our seminar.

Our Panel of Experts:
Dr. Steven WU
Poster-doctoral Fellow of University of Miami Health System/Jackson Memorial Health System/VA Miami Health Care, USA
Daqing YANG
Founder of Tai-ji Guasha Treatment, China
Dr. Yuling WANG
Medical Doctor of University of London, UK
Xiaoming DONG
President of Beijing Deyuanshanxing International TCM Institution
Medical Officer of Sierra Leone/Kenya/Cote d’ivoire Embassy in China

Location: Beijing

Date of Activity: 23rd March, 2023

Submitted by: Grace Wang