China 2021: ZEPP / International Sleep Survey

ZEPP International Sleep Survey Concludes: Results Include the Aid of Personalized Music Before Bed

As a professional-grade wearable brand for the digital management of users’ well-being, Zepp leveraged its leading AI algorithmic system to bring digital health solutions to people around the globe. Zepp believes in the use of technology to better manage our well-being and help everyone enjoy a more fulfilling life. Therefore, Zepp’s mission is to “continuously develop new technologies and use accurate data-analysis capabilities to help people manage their own health.” And this time, their focus was on sleep.

With a survey concluding in October 2020, Zepp found some surprising news about sleep deprivation. The key takeaways from this global study were that sleep deprivation was rampant. Among the six countries surveyed, Thailand was revealed as the nation that was most sleep deprived with half of respondents (50%) claiming they were definitely sleep deprived, followed by Germany (38%), USA (38%), UK (37%), Italy (19%), and Spain (18%). Zepp commissioned independent consumer opinion research specialist, Perspectus Global, to undertake an online poll of 15 questions was conducted across six international markets – UK, USA, Spain, France, Italy and Thailand – with 2,000 survey respondents (aged 16-65 years old, general population) in each market for a total of 12,000 replies.

ZEPP Takes Action
Upon understanding more about global sleep deprivation, Zepp aimed to tell the world about their smartwatches featuring sleep tracking. Equipped with robust sleep tracking technologies and features, Zepp smartwatches are set to become consumers’ best sleeping companion. State of the art sleep tracking measures users’ sleep status, including light sleep, deep sleep, Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and awake time, even monitoring 20-minute daytime naps during the day, providing users with overall sleep scores to help them measure the quality of their sleep and breathing.

Personalized Sleep
88% of respondents agreed that listening to calming music helped with sleep. Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata was the most popular track for all nations to listen to at bedtime, with the exception of Italy, where respondents favored Chopin’s Nocturne No.2. Recognizing music’s important role in falling asleep, Zepp worked with Swedish creative masterminds, Dinahmoe Labs, to launch a Lullaby Generator. The free-to-use Lullaby Generator will help adults and children alike determine a personalized music choice based on sleep patterns to aid in a better night’s rest.

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