China 2020: Zan Wang / The First Hospital of Jilin University

Delegate: Zan Wang

Affiliations: The First Hospital of Jilin University, Jilin Province, PR.China

Activity: The Front and Rear Jointly Fight Against The Epidemic, Insomnia Disorder and Negative Emotion Management During the Epidemic

Co-sponsored by China Medical Doctor Association (CMDA) and Neurologist Branch of CMDA and undertaken by the Sleep Study Group of Neurologist Branch of CMDA, the Net-meeting on Insomnia Disorder and Negative Emotion Management During the Epidemic was held on March 1st. It took only six days from preparation to broadcasting. Professor Su Changjun, the head of the Sleep Study Group who works in Air Force Medical University Tangdu Hospital, was in the chair. Experts present are Professor Zhan Shuqin working in Capital Medical University Xuanwu Hospital, Professor Xue Rong working in Tianjin Medical University General Hospital, Professor Jiang Xiaojiang and Professor Gao Dong working in Army Medical University Daping Hospital, Professor Wang Zan working in the First Bethune Hospital of Jilin University, Professor Wu Huijuan working in Second Military Medical University Long March Hospital. This Net-meeting lasted for one hour and a half with 11.1 thousand living online.

The Net-meeting is mainly composed of experts’ lecture delivering and collective question answering.Firstly, Professor Wang Zan gave a lecture on Chronic Insomnia Disorder Management During the Epidemic and centered on that previous patients with insomnia disorder should take the medicine in strict accordance with doctor’s instructions and patients with short-term insomnia should pay close attention to good sleep hygiene and psychological stress adaptation.In the end, Professor Wang Zan also emphasized that the influence posed on the sleep from the medicine targeting at the patients with COVID-19; and the medicine interaction should be paid much attention when using sedative and hypnotic drugs.

Then, in the theme of The Psychological Stress and Negative Emotion Management During the Epidemic, Professor Gao Dong gave a detailed account of the influences of stress and negative emotion posing on the spirit and body in the view of neuroscience and instructions on how to overcome the negative cognition in the wake of stress, like correctly identifying the negative emotion, scientifically understanding the relation among the epidemic, self and the environment and learning to acceptance and reasonably unbosoming. At the same time, he also made analysis on the causes of acute insomnia during the epidemic and provided the correspondent treatment.

Enthusiastic netizens raise many questions online, such as “I have a hard time falling asleep. How to fall asleep quickly? Before the time for bed, I often mess up my minds and fret over my poor sleep”; “The health care workers on the front line possibly don’t recognize their psychological problems in the busy time so they hardly accept the psychological assistance. Experts, please tell me how psychological helpers to give positive assistance to them?”; and “How should those who work in shift regulate their sleep?” Four professors Professor Zhan Shuqin, Professor Xue Rong, Professor Jiang Xiaojiang and Professor Wu Huijuan respectively gave answers to these questions. Furthermore, a health care worker from the epidemic-stricken area asked “It is getting worse and worse and falling asleep is so hard for me. Is there any solutions or drugs? But closed-off management fails me to go out for buying, how to?”. Professor Wang Zan advised her to work and rest regularly, keep good sleep hygiene, do some relaxation practice before the bed time. If necessary, OTC sedative and hypnotic drugs can be taken into account and keep a sound and smooth mood at the same time. If necessary, asking psychological doctor’s help is also a good choice.

This Net-meeting finally made a great success and provided specialized support for health care workers and massive patients living with insomnia disorder and negative emotion management during the epidemic. Additionally, this Net-meeting delivered the hope to the patients living with insomnia and made its own contribution to battling the outbreak of pneumonia infected by the novel coronavirus for Hubei Province and Wuhan.

Location: Jilin Province

Date of Activity: March 1,2020

Submitted By: Zan WANG