Chile 2021: Trinidad Pascual | Clínica Somno

Delegate: Trinidad Pascual


Affilitations: Somno Clinic is the largest sleep medicine clinic in Chile. We have a multidisciplinary team of more than 35 professionals specialized in the area and this year we did not want to subtract ourselves from this incredible activity, so we carried out several throughout the month of March and classified it as the month of sleep medicine


Activities: We carry out several activities, among which the following stand out: 1) Carrying out a contest for social networks together with GARMIN raffling a VENUQ watch. 2) Conducting an online survey of sleep questions where more than 2,200 people answered 3) Participation in various written press releases in Chile 4) Participation in radio and television programs 5) Realization of Instagram live in conjunction with a GARMIN athlete to remember the month of sleep and its importance in sport.


Location: Santiago, Chile


Date of Activity: 1/03/2021- 30/03/2021


Submitted by: Clínica Somno