Canada 2023: Dr Beverley David | Your Psychology Centre

Delegate: Dr Beverley David

Affiliation: Your Psychology Centre

Short Bio: Hello. My name is Dr Beverley David. I am the director of Your Psychology Centre in Uxbridge Ontario. I was born in Wales and lived most of my life in the UK, before relocating to Canada several years ago. I am a Clinical Psychologist registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. I received my Clinical Psychology Doctorate Degree from the University of Birmingham in 2013.

I completed my first Ph.D in Sleep Research (Insomnia) at Loughborough University in 2004 while also developing and delivering the Sleep Management in Primary Care and the advance Supervision of Sleep Management in Primary Care curriculum. I co-authored Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) self-help booklets and was the principal researcher for a Randomised Control Trial looking at efficacy and effectiveness of self-help CBT-I.

Activity: With World Sleep Day approaching I wanted to turn the lens towards Teens & Young people. I have offered to share my sleep knowledge with CAMS kids and the the Durham District School Board.

CAMS kids is a non profit organisation committed to “Supporting Young People Struggling with Anxiety.” They have an online following (3.5k+) across Canada and beyond. I am sharing sleep snippets across multiple social platforms for the next 10 days, before culminating in a two hour live virtual workshop with students, universities, parents, educators and anyone else interested in attending.

I am also consulting with my local school board – DDSB, to design a new brand new sleep curriculum. This will be delivered in every elementary and high school (that’s over 7600 students). The aim is to begin delivery this spring.

Sleep is so important to our mental health. It has a direct link to anxiety, depression, motivation, metabolism, focus, learning, memory, decision making, risk etc. When sleep is compromised, we start to become off-kilter.

Having an understanding of how and why our sleep changes during this period of time can help us look after it better.

Location: Uxbridge Ontario

Date of Activity: March 13th to March 22nd 2023

Submitted by: Beverley David