Canada 2022: Shirley Weir | Founder, Menopause Chicks

Delegate: Shirley Weir

Affiliation: Founder, Menopause Chicks

Short Bio: Shirley Weir is worried about women. 77% of the members in her Menopause Chicks Community are experiencing some form of insomnia, and over half are less than satisfied with their current sleep solution. Members list countless ways poor sleep is impacting their quality of life–including energy levels, cognitive function, performance at work and family relationships and responsibilities. is a private online community where you can learn to navigate perimenopause-to-menopause (& beyond!) with confidence and ease.

Activity: Sleep is the Best Medicine
All day event online at
Friday March 18

The State of Sleep: The Latest Research from Menopause Chicks & what our members are saying about SLEEP with SHIRLEY WEIR 9:30 am PST | 12:30 pm EST
Stress & Sleep: The Mind-Body Connection with DR. BAL PAWA at 10:00 am PST | 1 pm EST Being sleep-deprived seems like a badge of honour in our society, but chronic lack of sleep is making us sick, depressed and unfocused. Dr. Pawa will paint a picture of how insomnia is impacting our health, our mood and our hormones and best part–she will be explain what we can do today to reclaim our rest tonight.

Ask a Pharmacist with PETRA WALTER at 12 noon PST | 3 pm EST Get answers to everything you wanted to know about over-the-counter options for sleep—from magnesium to melatonin and everything in between, what works (what doesn’t!), interactions, what you need to know about Gravol and other self-medicating strategies…AND because Petra interacts with physicians all day, she is also going to provide you with "script tips" for how to discuss poor sleep/Insomnia at your next doctor’s appointment!

The Doctor will See You Now with DR. SHABITA TEJA at 2 pm PST | 5 pm EST This is one appointment you don't want to miss! It's common to make a doctor's appointment if it's bleeding or broken, but too often, women, in particular, regard sleep as something they "should" be able to handle on their own. We want to ignite a movement of more women talking to their health professionals about sleep, and sleep challenges. Join me as I share real-life sleep stories from you, our members, with Dr. Teja and then hear what she recommends!

"Sleep is the Best Medicine": Insights from a Women's Health & Insomnia Expert. Keynote conversation with DR. SUSAN PRENDERGAST at 5 pm PST | 8 pm EST Is it hormones or lifestyle? Is it nutrition or stress? Do I head to my doctor's office or the vitamin aisle? What if…when it comes to sleep… you check ALL these boxes? Dr. Prendergast understands. It's common for women to wake up in midlife and not know where to turn to address (sometimes sudden) changes to sleep. She is going to let us tap her expertise in all-things hormone, sleep and women's health…hone in on WHY sleep is your best medicine and let you leave this session with both options and answers for how to solve your own sleep puzzle.

All sessions will be recorded.


Wednesday, March 16 at 12 noon PST | 3 pm EST Are you waking to PEE? with KIM VOPNI, The Vagina Coach

Thursday, March 17 at 12 noon PST | 3 pm EST Food for Sleep with ROXANNE BROOKS

Thursday, March 24 at 4 pm PST | 7 pm EST Breaking Up with Alcohol with MADELEINE SHAW


Date of Activity: March 18, 2022

Submitted by: Shirley Weir