Canada 2022: Alena Krizek, CCSH, RPSGT, R.EEGT. | Community Sleep Coach Inc.

Delegate: Alena Krizek, CCSH, RPSGT, R.EEGT.

Affiliation: Community Sleep Coach Inc.

Short Bio: Alena Krizek is the Founder of Community Sleep Coach Inc. in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. She is a Certified Clinical Sleep Health Educator and Registered Polysomnographic & Electroencephalographic Technologist. Alena has been involved in the sleep medicine field for 26 years. In her current role as Community Sleep Coach, Alena has been dedicating time as a sleep advocate, consultant & educator; raising sleep disorder awareness within the community and across the globe. Community Sleep Coach services include sleep assessments, sleep health education/information & counselling. Quality sleep is paramount for optimal physical and mental well-being. Learn more about COMMUNITY SLEEP COACH by visiting their website: You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Google. “A better sleep tonight, means a better tomorrow.”

Activity: World Sleep Day Information Distribution: Raising awareness of this important event by way of written materials, oral communication & social media posts. Target audience consists of physicians, paramedical professionals, medical clinics, healthcare organizations, schools, insurance providers, newsrooms & the general public.

Location: Across Canada

Date of Activity: Month of March 2022

Submitted by: Alena Krizek