Canada 2021: Health Promotion Department | 4 Wing CFB Cold Lake

Delegate: Health Promotion Department | 4 Wing CFB Cold Lake

Affiliations: Personnel Support Programs 4 Wing Cold Lake

Activity: Sleep/rest is a Performance 4 (P4) behaviour of the CAF Physical Performance Strategy: BALANCE and, as such, the Health Promotion Department is facilitating virtual activities during World Sleep day within COVID-19 restrictions.
1. A live webinar titled “Better Sleep for Better Health” will be provided on 19 Mar to the 4 Wing CFB Cold Lake community, as well as Defence Team members across Canada and OUTCAN.
2. Promotion of the ongoing Sleep & Fatigue Project will occur with a promotional video. The Project aims to understand the needs of military members in regards to sleep and reducing fatigue risk.
3. Trivia questions will be posted through Instagram and Facebook stories with respondents being entered into a draw for some swag sleep kits.

Location: Cold Lake, Alberta

Date of Activity: March 19 2021

Submitted By: Health Promotion Department, 4 Wing Cold Lake