Canada 2020: Reut Gruber / Canadian Sleep Society

Delegate: Reut Gruber, on behalf of Canadian Sleep Society

Affiliations: CSS Officer for Media and Advocacy

Short Bio: The Canadian Sleep Society / Société Canadienne du Sommeil is a professional organization whose membership is made up of Physicians, sleep researchers, polysomnographic technicians, dentists, clinical psychologists, students/trainees, and other certified allied health professionals.

Activity: An explainer regarding Sleep In Children was disseminated via social media on the occasion of the World Sleep Day. CSS Celebrates Healthy Sleep for Healthy Canadians
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#kidshealth #cdnpoli #cdnhealth #healthysleep #kidssleep

PDF: Children’s Sleep – Shelly Weiss, MD, FRCPC – Reut Gruber, PhD, Psychologist

Location: Social Media

Date of Activity: March 13, 2020

Submitted By: Reut Gruber