Canada 2020: Aveiro Sleep

Delegate: Aveiro Sleep

Affiliations: Aveiro Sleep

Short Bio: Aveiro Sleep provides Home Sleep Apnea Testing (HSAT), CPAP treatment and support services for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Our dedicated team of Sleep Clinicians maintain contact with all our CPAP patients through follow-up programs, compliance monitoring, re-supply and, ongoing support. We focus on a Patient-Centered approach to ensure unique sleep challenges will be addressed appropriately.


1) Distributing “World Sleep Day” handout to patients through appointment visits, as well as to our referring physician network.
2) Posting World Sleep Day banners on social media platforms.
3) Spread the message of World Sleep Day by distributing a “Refer a loved one to have a sleep test” to patients
4) Partnering with other organizations to promote the importance of sleep.

Location: Calgary

Date of Activity: Month of March 2020

Submitted By: Maria Block