Canada 2019: Lise Arseneault Carrier / Valérie Mani / Carole Lamothe

Delegate: Lise Arseneault Carrier RRT, RPSGT, Valérie Mani RRT, RPSGT, Carole Lamothe, RRT, RPSGT

Sleep Clinic, CHU Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont UHC, Moncton NB, Canada

Activity:Held a kiosk in Hospital: Awareness day on good sleep hygiene and importance of healthy sleep.
Sleep Clinic waiting room: Video presentation on Sleep
Participate in Cardiology Forum: Presentation on Sleep Apnea and Cardiovascular diseases.

Location: CHU Dr. Georges-L. Dumont University Hospital Centre

Date of Activity: March 15 and March 28, 2019

Submitted By: Carole Lamothe