Canada 2019: Dr. Tatyana Mollayeva

Delegate: Dr. Tatyana Mollayeva

Affiliations: University of Toronto; Toronto Rehab-University Health Network

Short Bio: Dr. Tatyana Mollayeva received her medical degree from the Moscow Medical Academy and worked for the Ministry of Health in Central Asia in the field of disease prevention. Upon immigrating to Canada, she was trained in sleep medicine and completed her PhD on the topic of sleep dysfunction in traumatic brain injury. She is currently the instructor of a course on sleep at the University of Toronto Scarborough and a postdoctoral research fellow working with Professor Angela Colantonio on the topics of injury prevention, cognitive outcome assessments, role of biological sex and gender in brain injury, and brain injury comorbidity, incorporating sleep in all research hypothesis. Dr. Mollayeva is highly dedicated to disseminating knowledge and mentoring trainees on the topic of sleep health across a broad range of professional and research-based programs.

Activity: Knowledge dissemination activity. Symposium presenter at the 13th World Congress on Brain Injury on March 15, 2019

Topic:Central nervous system trauma and cognitive disorders: Defining data analyses practices to determine sex-specific incident dementia

Results highlighted sleep disorder associates with incident dementia in both men and women with central nervous system trauma.

Will emphasize this dementia risk and notify the audience about the World Sleep Day

Presentation_highlight_Mollayeva_Brain Injury2019 World Congress

Location: Toronto

Date of Activity: March 15, 2019

Submitted By: Dr. Tatyana Mollayeva