Canada 2018: Alena Krizek

Delegate: Alena Krizek


Short Bio: Alena Krizek is the Founder of Community Sleep Coach in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. She is a Certified Clinical Sleep Health Practitioner, Sleep Educator and Registered Polysomnographic & Electroencephalographic Technologist. She has been involved in the sleep medicine field for over 20 years. In her current role as Community Sleep Coach, Alena has been dedicating time as a sleep advocate raising sleep disorder awareness within the community and across the globe. Community Sleep Coach services include sleep assessments, sleep education & counselling. This invaluable sleep care resource is available to the public, physicians, schools and employers. Proper diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders improves quality of life and increases life expectancy. Learn more about COMMUNITY SLEEP COACH by visiting their website: You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook & Google+. Remember A better sleep tonight means a better tomorrow.

Activity: Starting March 1st  I will be notifying Family Physicians & various Specialists around our Okanagan Valley about World Sleep Day and the importance of this awareness event. I will also do Social media postings on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & our website, to further get the message out to the public.

Location: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Date of Activity: March 1-16

Submitted By: Alena Krizek