Canada 2017: Good Night Sleep Site

Delegate: Alanna McGinn

Affiliation: Good Night Sleep Site

Activity: I will be hosting a Facebook Live event on March 15th where I will be answering viewers sleep questions. The focus will be on Bringing Back Bedtime and I will start off the Live video with information on why a bedtime routine is important for all ages and bedtime routine ideas for parents and children. I will also be on The Marilyn Denis Show – a popular daytime tv show in Canada – on March 15th, discussing the importance of healthy sleep and proper sleep hygiene.

Location: Good Night Sleep Site’s Facebook page –

Date: March 16th

Submitted by: Alanna McGinn – owner of Good Night Sleep Site

Short Bio: Alanna McGinn is the Founder of Good Night Sleep Site and The Good Night Sleep Cleanse. Her pediatric and family sleep consulting practice helps babies and adults sleep better. Through one-on-one personal consultations, seminars, and corporate workshops, Alanna McGinn and her team of global sleep consultants provide sleep support and education to help families world wide get the healthy sleep they need. Follow Good Night Sleep Site on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all your sleep essentials.