Canada 2016: Celyne Bastien, Ph.D.

Delegate: Celyne Bastien, Ph.D.

Affiliations: School of Psychology, Laval University

– Stand with sleep information (myths and false beliefs about sleep, tips for a better sleep, pamphlets on different sleep disorders, resources for individuals with sleep disorders, information on performance and sleep loss as well as sleep duration and caffeinated beverages.

– Volleyball in pyjama with the volleyball league Cent-Volley from Québec. We have decided that for the World Sleep Day 2016, we would associate sport (exercice with sleep). As such, I convinced my teammates to play volleyball during 2 hours wearing their pajamas. It is a great activity and we had fun doing it dressed as for going to bed.

Location: Quebec

Date: March 18th 2016



Submitted by: Celyne Bastien, Ph.D.

Short Bio:
Full Professor at the School of Psychology since 2009, Dr. Bastien has completed 2 postdocs and has been involved with the Canadian Sleep Society for more than 12 years now. Her research work mainly focuses on studying sleep protection mechanisms by assessing the objective quality of sleep in relation to the subjective quality of sleep in both good sleepers and insomnia sufferers. These studies 1) quantify spontaneous phasic events of the electroencephalogram (EEG) during sleep (K-complex and sleep spindles); 2) observe the EEG reactivity to pure tones (and other auditory stimuli) during wakefulness and sleep; 3) compare the different states of vigilance of the EEG in men and women reporting sleep difficulties. Neurophysiological and neuropsychological measures are also correlated with both the subjective and the objective quality of sleep as well as with misperception of sleep.