Canada 2012: DR. PENNY CORKUM

They (Ben Rusak, Christine Chambers and myself) did some interviews for a the Canadian Broadcasting Company for an early morning talk show. They also are working with their university, Dalhousie University, to have something on the website for World Sleep Day. This
piece can be viewed here:

post doc Aimee Coulombe & Dr. Penny Corkum

Above: Postdoc Aimee Coulombe (l) and Dr. Penny Corkum (r)

Penny Corkum 3April 11, 2012
Dr. Penny Corkum is a Registered Psychologist with a background in School and Child Clinical psychology. She is an Associate Professor at Dalhousie University (Psychology/Neuroscience, Pediatrics, and Psychiatry), Scientific Staff at the IWK Health Centre, and Director, CEHHA ADHD Clinic. Her research and clinical practice is in the area of pediatric sleep problems in children.