Through their hospital, the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, they attempted a proactive media pitch the week of World Sleep day to see if there was any media interest in World Sleep Day.

Dr. Vriend is very aware of the consequences of inadequate sleep and the value of increasing public awareness about the importance of sleep.


April 3, 2012
Dr. Vriend currently works in private practice in Ottawa and has been studying sleep for approximately 10 years. She received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Dalhousie University and has trained and worked in various hospitals, including the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (Ottawa), Hotel Dieu Hospital (Kingston), the IWK Health Centre (Halifax), and Bradley Hospital (Providence, Rhode Island). Dr. Vriend’s topics of presentations and/or research include: Are children getting enough sleep? What happens when my child doesn’t get enough sleep? How to improve your child’s sleep Impact of electronics on children’s sleep Why can’t my adolescent go to sleep? Behavioral interventions for sleep problems in children with autism spectrum disorders Clinical management of behavioral insomnia of childhood Manipulating sleep duration alters emotional functioning and cognitive performance in children Sleep quantity and quality in relation to daytime functioning in children