Bulgaria 2023: Denitsa Todorova | TED BED EAD

Delegate: Denitsa Todorova

Affiliation: TED BED EAD

Short Bio:

Activity: On the occasion of the World Day of Sleep, TED BED launched an awareness campaign in Plovdiv regarding the importance of sleep and its benefits. The event has a social orientation, the purpose of which is to inform the citizens about the symptoms of sleep disorders and sleep deprivation, ways of diagnosis and treatment, as well as to provide useful practices and advice from the fields of yoga, aromatherapy and medicine. Co-organizer of the “Sleep Week” event is Medical University – Plovdiv, as well as the specialized laboratory for sleep research at UMBAL “St. George” Somnolog.

March 15 (Wednesday)

  1. 17:30  The dream in art and mythology

Assoc. Dr. K. Terziyski, MD, specialist pathophysiologist, certified somnologist, Associate Professor at the Department of Pathophysiology at the Medical University of Plovdiv

2. 18:30 The importance of body postures during sleep

Dr. Yanakiev, orthopedic specialist and traumatologist, head of the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology at Medline Hospital

March 16 (Thursday)

3. 17:30 Children’s Sleep

Dr. Elena Chapalova, child sleep consultant

4. 18:30 Eat, dream and live: The connection between nutrition and good sleep

Dr. A. Draganova, DM, certified somnologist; Ch. assistant at the Department of Pathophysiology at the Medical University of Plovdiv

March 17 (Friday)

5. 17:30 There are no memories from sleep: Symptoms of sleep disorders, The influence of sleep on stress and anxiety

Dr. T. Georgiev, assistant at the Department of Pathophysiology

6. 18:30 Yoga poses for relaxation 

Denitsa Mitreva, yoga instructor

March 18 (Saturday)

7. 12:30 What is “healthy sleep?” (definition of healthy sleep and what we need to consider if we want to achieve it)

Dr. Petar Chipev

8. 12:45 If you cant measure it, you cant improve it: How we study sleep and how it helps us improve it

Dr. Philip Alexiev

9. 13:00 Healthy sleep – healthy body: Recommendations on how to improve our sleep by following simple rules of sleep and wakefulness.

Dr. Petar Chipev, specialist in respiratory medicine and sleep medicine, European somnologist

10. 13:30 make your own blend with essential oils for better sleep

Marta Dzhambazova, essential oils specialist

The entrance was free of charge. Visitors were able to hear and discuss with the sleep experts the three topics presented.

In addition, Dr. Todor Georgiev presented a lecture to the medical students at MU Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The talk was organized by the Student Council at MU Plovdiv and briefly informed the medical students about Sleep medicine, major symptoms of the most common sleep disturbances, adverse health effects and the routine tests used when assessing sleep disorders. More than 100 students attended this event. This activity aimed to raise awareness regarding sleep disorders and stimulate the students to widen their scope of differential diagnosis.

Date of Activity: 15-18. 3. 2023

Submitted by: Denitsa Todorova