Bulgaria 2022: Dr. Petar Chipev | Bulgarian Association of Patients with Narcolepsy and Foundation “InSpiro”

Delegate: Dr. Petar Chipev

Affiliation: Bulgarian Association of Patients with Narcolepsy and Foundation “InSpiro”

Short Bio: Dr. Petar Chipev

– received master degree of medicine 27.12.2012
– pulmonology specialist
– certified expert in sleep medicine – ESRS examination in sleep medicine – 15.04.2015
– ERS HERMES diplomate in Adult Respiratory Medicine – 12.2019
– co-founder of the Bulgarian Society of Somnology – 25.02.2017
– member of the administrative council of the Bulgarian Society of Somnology – since 25.02.2017
– head of the task force “Sleep-related breathing disorders and non-invasive ventilation” of “InSpiro” Foundation – since 01.2017

Activity: Narcolepsy is now becoming a treatable disease. With new medications emerging treatment will become more and more effective and people with this sleep disorder will be fortunate to live again a normal life. With that perspective we are more obliged as clinicians and patients to explore the boundaries of the problem. World sleep day 2022 was appointed as the day to announce the foundation of the Bulgarian Association of Patients with Narcolepsy – a cornerstone-event in the field of Bulgarian sleep medicine as no such patient-organization existed ever in the history of sleep medicine in our country. The main goals of the newly formatted NPO are:

– to rise awareness of the problem “narcolepsy” and sleep in the society
– to demand institutional and society changes that will guarantee access to treatment and acceptance of narcolepsy patients
– to spread knowledge and information across the medical society that will improve diagnostics of narcolepsy
– to find and help other people with narcolepsy

The activity celebrating the World Sleep Day was a first meeting of the Bulgarian Association of Patients with Narcolepsy, supported by Foundtion “Inspiro”, with patients with narcolepsy, other patient organizations, physicians, sleep medicine experts, government officials and the media. The program included short presentations on different topics as follows:

1. The case of Boryana – 12 years old girl with narcolepsy – daughter of the founders of the Bulgarian Association of Patients with Narcolepsy – Adriana Andreeva and Kaloyan Dimitrov
2. Narcolepsy in Bulgaria and around the world – Dr. Petar Chipev
3. Salute from Dr. Blagomir Zdravkov – Head of the Specialized hospital for active treatment of pediatric diseases “Prof. Dr. Ivan Mitev”
4. The role of patient organizations as an instrument of change – Mrs. Natalia Maeva, vice-president of the National Patient’s Organization

After the event several national media contacted members of the Association and sleep medicine experts for interviews:







Location: The Steps – concerts and meetings venue

Date of Activity: 22.03.2022

Submitted by: Dr. Petar Chipev