Bulgaria 2020: Dr. Petar Chipev / Foundation “InSpiro”

Delegate: Dr. Petar Chipev

Affiliations: Foundation “InSpiro”

Short Bio: Dr. Petar Chipev
– received master degree of medicine 27.12.2012
– pulmonology specialist
– certified expert in sleep medicine – ESRS examination in sleep medicine – 15.04.2015
– ERS HERMES diplomate in Adult Respiratory Medicine – 12.2019
– co-founder of the Bulgarian Society of Somnology – 25.02.2017
– member of the administrative council of the Bulgarian Society of Somnology – since 25.02.2017
– head of the task force “Sleep-related breathing disorders and non-invasive ventilation” of “InSpiro” Foundation – since 01.2017

Activity: Through ignorance of the correct sleep habits in the public and medical field in Bulgaria many problems arise. We as sleep physicians are obliged to spread our knowledge on that topic in order to improve the life of our patients and the medical practices of our colleges. It is in our best interest as human beings and in the best interest of our planet to know what’s good and bad for sleep so we decided to promote an educational campaign for this year’s World Sleep Day.

Pre-prepared materials were spread among patients and physicians from different medical specialties.

1. We have dedicated the first volume of our medical journal “InSpiro” for the year 2020 on sleep medicine. It was released days before March 13. Some of the most prominent sleep specialists in Bulgaria were included in the journal, writing review articles on obstructive and central sleep apnea, sleepiness at the wheel, insomnia, etc. Chapters listed below:

– “I know that I know nothing about obstructive sleep apnea! How about you?” – Dr. Petar Chipev
– “Daytime sleepiness and driving – a Russian roulette on the road.” – Dr. Filip Alexiev
– “Central sleep apnea – melody without a rhythm.” – Ass.prof. Kiril Terziyksi, Dr. Aneliya Draganova
– “Intermitent hypoxemia as a potential inductor of systemic inflammation and an important player in oncogenity” – Dr. Nikolay Evgeniev
– “PAP-therapy – C-, B- or Servo – it’s not just an air under pressure.” – Dr. Dimitar Taskov
– “Round-the-clock – up-to-date therapy of insomnia.” – Dr. Todor Georgiev
– “Nocturno – medical center InSpiro in diagnostics of sleep” – Dr. Kristina Stancheva

2. We have assembled a flyer with translated version of the “10 commandments for adults” and the 10 most common symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea. On one side we enlisted the 10 commandments under the title “The ten commandments of the sleep specialist” and on the other we transformed the WSD figure “10 tips for better sleep” into “10 symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea”. Example of the flyer you can see below.

In the media
Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic we haven’t managed to get the topic of sleep on national media, but still we had a few appearances. Links below:


Special thanks to:

Prof. Kosta Kostov
Elitza Andonova
Dr. Filip Alexiev
Dr. Dimitar Taskov
Dr. Kristina Stancheva
Ass. Prof. Kiril Terziyski
Dr. Aneliya Draganova
Dr. Todor Georgiev
Dr. Nikolay Evgeniev
Dr. Miroslav Varbev
Association of Medical Students in Bulgaria

Location: Bulgaria

Date of Activity: 13.03.2020

Submitted By: Dr. Petar Chipev