Brazil 2024: KENYA FELICISSIMO | Brazilian Association of Sleep


Affiliation: Brazilian Association of Sleep

Short Bio: Certified in Sleep Dentistry, first class in Brazil, since 2011;
Orthodontist since 2004;
Radiologist since 2000.

Activity: World Sleep Day 2024 Activities

An informative campaign was conducted on social media platforms to raise awareness about the importance of sleep and related disorders, reinforcing the concept of “Sleep Equity for Global Health”. The mechanisms behind snoring were highlighted, which are essential for people to understand and evaluate available treatments. The benefits of a good night’s sleep were also emphasized, encouraging the adoption of healthy habits. A warning was issued about products sold online without scientific evidence, guiding towards seeking safe and effective treatments. People were encouraged to assess their own snoring and seek help, emphasizing the social and health impacts of the disorder. The reasons behind increased snoring with weight gain were explained, along with tips to reduce it. The use of intraoral devices as a treatment for snoring was also discussed, providing information about this therapeutic option. Lastly, artworks representing various sleep disorders were shared.

Location: City: Salvador/ State: Bahia

Date of Activity: March 2024