Brazil 2023: Cristina Frange | Brazilian Sleep Association

Delegate: Cristina Frange

Affiliation: Brazilian Sleep Association

Short Bio: Sleep physiotherapist, clinician and researcher.

Activity: This happened on a Saturday at Parque da Agua Branca (White Water Park), in São Paulo, a public action organized by the Brazilian Sleep Association.
We held pamphlets to the people and talked with some of them about their sleep and tips to improve sleep.
A woman stopped by and asked about her sleep because she slept very well and had no complaints, but she thought something wrong was happening as everyone had sleep issues. We filled out a 24-h clock with her activities and showed her that probably both the amount and the quality of her sleep were okay, as she did have a routine and was running at the park. Other people approached, wanting to know more about sleep health and how to maintain it, as also searching for help for sleep issues.
This public action was endorsed by many physicians, physiotherapists, dentists, nutritionists, psychologists, ENTs, GPs, etc.
I enjoy a lot these face-to-face activities, free of charge in which we approach different people, from different ages and backgrounds.

Location: São Paulo

Date of Activity: March, 18th, 2023

Submitted by: Cristina Frange