Brazil 2023: Cristina Frange | Brazilian Sleep Association

Delegate: Cristina Frange

Affiliation: Brazilian Sleep Association

Short Bio: Sleep physiotherapist, clinician and researcher.

Activity: Webinar “Women’s sleep”, conducted by Dr. Alicia Carissimi (psychologist), Dr. Maria Fernanda Naufel (nutritionist), Dr. Luciana Luna Mello (pneumologist and sleep physician), and Dr. Cristina Frange (sleep physiotherapist), this webinar discussed the main changes in sleep across women’s lifespan (puberty, menarche, reproductive life, pregnancy, climacteric symptoms, menopause, and post-menopausal stages), and the influence of the hormones on sleep. This was an informal conversation between different health care providers, explaining to the population the importance of healthy nutrition, mental health care, and physical activity and exercise, as very important components that interfere with, and can change sleep.

Location: Online, at Instagram: @absono

Date of Activity: March, 18th, 2023

Submitted by: Cristina Frange