Brazil 2023: Christiane Cavalcante Feitoza | Federal University of Alagoas, Brazil. Hipnos Laboratory.

Delegate: Christiane Cavalcante Feitoza

Affiliation: Federal University of Alagoas, Brazil. Hipnos Laboratory.

Short Bio: Doctorate in Health Biotechnology (Federal University of Alagoas – UFAL, 2017), Master’s degree in Dental Sciences, with a concentration in Orthodontics (Araraquara University Center – SP, UNIARA, 2013), Specializations in Orthodontics (United Colleges of Northern Minas – FUNORTE, 2009) and in Collective Health (Integrated Colleges of Patos – PB, 2010). Post-graduate in Minor Oral Surgery (2005) and Functional Orthopedics of the Jaw (2010), and graduated in Dentistry (UFAL, 2004). Adjunct Professor at UFAL, Arapiraca campus, teaching Human Physiology, Biophysics, and Human Anatomy. Has experience in the area of Dentistry, with emphasis on Orthodontics, Functional Orthopedics of the Jaw, Temporomandibular Joint Disorders, and Sleep Disorders.

Activity: From March 13-17, the 5th Scientific Meeting of Sleep Disorders in the Agreste region of Alagoas – V ECAADS, will take place in celebration of World Sleep Day.

Scientific program

Opening Conference: Sleep, Memory, and Learning (Prof. Luiza Antas Rabelo, PhD – UFAL)
Mini-course: We Are What We Feel: Sleeping, Eating, Smelling, Dancing, and Being Happy with Physiology (Prof. Luiza Antas Rabelo, PhD; PhD Candidate Rosa Ariel Rivas and Master’s Candidate Vanessa Neves – UFAL; Moderator: Italo Dantas)

Roundtable: Sleep and its Multidisciplinarity I
Lecture: Sleep, Nutrition, and Circadian Rhythms: Interfaces with Obesity (Prof. Dr. Giovana Longo-Silva – UFAL)
Lecture: Sleep and Stress Management (Prof. MSc. Jean Rafael Santos Rodrigues – UFAL)
Lecture: Anatomy of the Hypothalamus and Structures Associated with Sleep (Prof. Dr. Jussara Baggio – UFAL)
Mini-course: Auriculotherapy x Sleep (Prof. Dr. Rafael Miguel – UFAL)

Community health promotion and prevention of sleep disorders action in partnership with the Municipal Government of Arapiraca – Alagoas – Brazil.

Roundtable: Sleep and its Multidisciplinarity II
Lecture: Impact of physically active lifestyle on sleep disorders (Prof. Dr. Jean Toscano – UFAL)
Lecture: Physiology of Sleep and Dreams (Prof. Dr. Odair Alves da Silva – UFAL)
Lecture: Reiki, Emotions, and Sleep (Renilson Pereira dos Santos – UFAL)

Roundtable: Sleep and its Multidisciplinarity III. Moderator: Prof. Ma. Rita de Cássia Peixoto (UFAL)
Lecture: Sleep x Speech Therapy (Prof. Dr. Ana Carolina Rocha – UNCISAL)
Lecture: Impact of Pregnancy on Sleep Quality (Prof. Ma. Sandra Taveiros – UFAL)
Lecture: Experience Report in Antarctica: Extreme Environment (Prof. Dr. Alysson Duarte – UFAL)

Oral presentation of academic papers
Closing ceremony with academic paper awards ceremony.

More informations: @hipnosufal

Social action – WSD – Brazil – Arapiraca city – Federal University of Alagoas

Location: Federal University of Alagoas, Arapiraca, Alagoas, Brazil

Date of Activity: March, 13-17

Submitted by: Christiane Cavalcante Feitoza, Hipnos Laboratory