Brazil 2022: Francisco Fleury Uchoa Santos Júnior | Instituto Le Santé

Delegate: Francisco Fleury Uchoa Santos Júnior

Affiliation: Instituto Le Santé

Activity: We conducted a one-hour online training on sleep quality and factors associated with it in one of our training courses for physiotherapy students and/or physiotherapists in the state of Ceará. The person who conducted this training was Dr. Jefferson Pacheco Amaral Fortes (physiotherapist). It is worth mentioning that last year, in Brazil, we made progress in the inclusion of the Physiotherapist with our federal class council regarding our inclusion in the multidisciplinary team for the treatment of sleep disorders, through typical behaviors/techniques. The objective of this training is to guide the target audience regarding the assessment and impacts of sleep for patients with self-reported painful conditions. This can direct therapeutic approaches, such as education in neuroscience applied to physical therapy and manual therapy techniques.

Location: Fortaleza/ CE

Date of Activity: 17/03/2022

Submitted by: 17/03/2022