Brazil 2021: Christiane Feitoza | Federal University of Alagoas

Delegate: Christiane Feitoza

Affiliations: Federal University of Alagoas – Brazil

Short Bio: Professor at Federal University of Alagoas – Brazil Hypnos – Sleep laboratory – Federal University of Alagoas – Brazil, Arapiraca

Activity: World Sleep Day III Encontro Científico do Agreste Alagoano dos Distúrbios do Sono I Sono Alagoas Meeting In celebration of World Sleep Day, created by the World Sleep Society, researchers from the Sleep Laboratory – Hipnos, from the Federal University of Alagoas, Arapiraca campus, Brazil, will hold the III ECAADS and the I Sono Alagoas Meeting, which will receive professionals who study sleep to discuss and publicize the importance of sleep, circadian mechanisms, mental health vs. sleep, the implications of the pandemic on sleep, and sleep hygiene alternatives for a better quality of life. This meeting aims to promote a broad debate on issues related to sleep, as the period of instability lived due to the pandemic of SARS-CoV-2. This year’s theme arises from the concern of professionals with the quality of sleep in times of pandemic. This year, in particular, will have a new format and the event will take place remotely. Our target audience are students and health professionals in general (nursing, medicine, physiotherapy, speech therapy, physical education and biological sciences). The scientific meeting seeks to educate the academic community and health professionals about the importance of regular sleep. Recognition of pandemic related changes to sleep patterns, and also the skills to change the habits interfering in such patterns will be addressed. Within this perspective, the afternoon closing talk is proposed, according to the schedule: Friday 3/19 Digital platform: Google meeting 13:30 – Welcome (Moderator Prof. Dr. Christiane Feitoza / Federal University of Alagoas) 13:40 – The importance of regular sleep for a healthy life (speech therapist Prof. Dra. Ana Carolina Rocha / University of Health Sciences of the State of Alagoas UNCISAL); 14:10 – Mechanisms of Circadian Sleep Hygiene Regulation and Sleep (Nurse Vívian Silva) 14:40 – Correlation between circadian rhythm, genes, type II diabetes and cancer (Biologist Prof. Dr. Luciana Xavier / Federal University of Alagoas) 15:10 – Break 15:30 – The Relationship between Mental Health and Sleep (Neurologist Physician Rossana Araújo Silvestre) 16:00 – The Implications of Pandemic in Regular Sleep (Physician Prof. MSc. Katianne Wanderley Rocha Federal University of Alagoas / Centro Universitário de Maceió) 16:30 – Final considerations 17:00 – Closing

Location: Digital platform: Google meeting /

Date of Activity: Friday 3/19

Submitted By: Christiane Cavalcante Feitoza