Brazil 2020: Fernanda Camargo / Air liquide

Delegate: Fernanda Camargo

Affiliations: Air liquide

Short Bio: The Movimento Pro Sono is held once a year, in 14 cities, with practical activities and guidelines in favor of raising awareness about the importance of quality sleep!

Activity: On average, 50% of the population has trouble sleeping and disconnecting that restful sleep can be a real therapy, while a bad night’s sleep can reflect on harms that hinder a lot or your day-to-day.
Know that small practices of practical activities can help a lot in the quality of your sleep. Snoring, excessive sleepiness during the day, bad mood, lack or loss of concentration, stress, are signs that your body is emitting. If you noticed any of these symptoms, stay tuned and participate in this movement!

Location: Brazil

Date of Activity: 3/14/2020

Submitted By: Fernanda Camargo