Brazil 2020: Denise Fernandes Barbosa / FOP-UNICAMP

Delegate: Denise Fernandes Barbosa

Affiliations: FOP-UNICAMP

Short Bio: Graduated in Odontology from PUCCAMP since 1986, with 10 years of experience in the Health Surveillance area with emphasis on Good Practices and Biosafety, Master in Pathophysiology by UNIMES since 2001, Functional Jaws Orthopedist by CFO since 2003, trained in Sleep Disorders by UNIFESP -NEUROSONO in 2010 and graduated in Dental Sleep Medicine by ABSONO since 2011. In 2018 start the master’s degree in Buco-Dental Biology by FOP-UNICAMP.

Activity: A video showing how we can treat obstructive sleep apnea with English legend.

Since January 2020, when I was appointed World Sleep Day delegate, I contacted sleep professionals and ABSONO members to create a group in order to work with World Sleep Day actions and Sleep Week activities. We created the “Liga Jundiaiense de Sono” – comprised of two Sleep Speech Therapists Amélia Fávero Perrone and Valéria Muralha, and two Dental Sleep Professionals Marcos Abramides De Angelis and myself, Denise Fernandes Barbosa. The “Liga Jundiaiense de Sono” was striving for World Sleep Day actions and Sleep Week activities to be disseminated and presented here in our city. But, unfortunately, due to the covid-1 pandemic, the “Liga Jundiaiense de Sono” cannot continue with all scheduled actions. Thus, I leave here the planned schedule, but temporarily postponed.

Walter Silva Jr, AASM dental Sleep professional here in Brazil, also collaborates with World Sleep Day actions by allowing the publications on his facebook page – Odontologia do Sono

In April/04 and April/11/2020, happened the 1st web conference of scientific productions and report cases of Brazilian Academy of Functional Jaw Orthopedics. Many works were presented and The Medicine and Dental School of UNICAMP, has been representation with Almiro J Machado Junior – DDS PhD and Denise Fernandes Barbosa – DDS, with a Clinical trial research and a case report, respectively, about sleep breathing disorders prevention using as therapy the functional jaw orthopedics.

Location: Jundiaí, SP, Brazil

Date of Activity: 03/23/2020

Submitted By: Denise Fernandes Barbosa



TV program in “Canal 25” from “Casa Brasil”. The program “Casa Brasil” invited us to speak about sleep disorders and treatment and we had the opportunity to present the World Sleep Day and Sleep Week actions:

Durma melhor!

No fim do mês passado, o Casa Brasil convidou profissionais da saúde para falar de alguns sinais que podem indicar que a pessoa tem apneia do sono como: irritabilidade, cansaço, dificuldade de concentração e bastante sonolência durante o dia. Apresenta algum desses sintomas? Então clica no play e saiba maneiras disponíveis de resolver esse problema e dormir melhor! #Quarentena #AssisteoCasaBrasil

Posted by Programa Casa Brasil on Monday, March 23, 2020

Dia do Sono

DIA DO SONO 😴 Você tem dormido bem? 🤔 Pode não parecer, mas este é um assunto muito importante e, neste Dia Mundial do Sono 🛌, eu conversei com algumas pessoas que falaram sobre suas noites de sono 🌛 e ainda trouxe dicas para ajudar os papais e mamães na hora do sono dos pequenos. Vem comigo! ☺ #TVTEC #Sono

Posted by TVTEC Jundiaí on Friday, March 13, 2020