Brazil 2020: Christiane Cavalcante Feitoza / Federal University of Alagoas – Brazil

Delegate: Christiane Cavalcante Feitoza

Affiliations: Federal University of Alagoas – Brazil

Activity: In celebration of World Sleep Day, created by the World Sleep Society, the Nursing Course (Federal University of Alagoas, UFAL – Campus Arapiraca, Brazil,) holds the II Scientific Meeting from Agreste Alagoano of Sleep Disorders (II ECAADS) and the I Week for the Prevention of Sleep Disorders with lectures and activities for health academics, professionals and the community, in order to bring information about sleep patterns and their disorders, and how we can improve sleep quality and, consequently, the quality of life.

Monday (02/10/2020) – Action at Luiz Pereira Lima Square
Tuesday (02/11/2020) – Action in Schools
Wednesday (02/12/2020) – Training for health professionals
Thursday and Friday (02/13/2020;02/14/2020) – II ECAADS; Scientific Program

Location: Arapiraca, Alagoas, Brazil

Date of Activity: From 10 to 14 of February, 2020.

Submitted By: Christiane Cavalcante Feitoza