Brazil 2020: Brazilian Sleep Association, Brazilian Sleep Medicine Association and Brazilian Association of Sleep Dentistry

Delegate: Brazilian Sleep Association

Affiliations: Brazilian Sleep Association, Brazilian Sleep Medicine Association and Brazilian Association of Sleep Dentistry

Short Bio: The Brazilian Sleep Association aims to develop actions for Sleep Science and its pathologies; support the technical and scientific development of its members, through the promotion of courses, congresses, symposia and colloquiums on matters related to the area.

It brings together all Brazilian professionals who study sleep, including from basic experimental areas, biologists, polysomnography technicians, physiotherapists, speech therapists, psychologists, dentists and doctors; it is fundamentally, since its origin, multidisciplinary and the list of specialists that participate in society does not stop growing.
It also brings together under the same roof and under shared management the sister companies: Brazilian Association of Sleep Medicine (ABMS) and Brazilian Association of Sleep Dentistry (ABROS), both created to meet the specific needs of dentists and doctors.

ABS is recognized worldwide, promotes numerous activities, including meetings with civil society and public policy managers, in addition to promoting constant dialogue with society on the most diverse topics related to sleep.

Activity: ABS’s schedule for World Sleep Day 2020 includes more than 230 actions, in 19 Brazilian states, 76 cities, and aims to promote dialogue with health professionals, researchers, educators, politicians and the whole society about the importance of sleep in all stages of life.
Based on the quantitative data for 2019 – where we had a total of 213 actions – we will have more than 20,000 people impacted and around 1.200 volunteer professionals.

In order to bring information to the population, the following materials were produced for 2020: more than 900 T-shirts, which were given to volunteers; 11,350 personalized balloons, to be used in public actions; 25,000 booklets and 69,000 flyers on this year’s theme, which will be distributed to the population.

Actions scheduled for 2020:
– Public: activities in public places; meeting with the population in ecological parks, clubs, streets, squares, beaches, libraries,

– Educational: guidance on sleep; information and awareness of the population; application of questionnaires; guidance to drivers – together with the Federal Highway Police.

– Disclosure / social networks / press: leafleting of booklets and flyers; lives on Facebook and Instagram; Twitter posts; media interviews and open to the population; interviews with professionals.

– Scientific: activities of a scientific nature, aimed at updating health professionals.

– Lectures: open to the population; lectures within hospitals for professionals, residents and interns; stories and plays in schools that serve early childhood; lectures for integrated high school students; lecture for teenage students; lecture for university students from different courses; lectures for servers; talking to patients in sleep clinics; conversation circles between students and patients; lectures for lawyers; workshops.

Number of actions to be carried out in Brazil in 2020, separated by region:
– North, which covers: Amazonas, Pará, Acre
Public actions: 03 | Scientific activities: 01 | Lectures: 07

– Northeast, which covers: Piauí, Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte, Pernambuco, Paraíba, Sergipe, Alagoas, Bahia
Public actions: 19 | Educational actions: 04 | Dissemination actions / social networks / press: 12 | Scientific activities: 24 | Lectures: 25

– Midwest, which covers: cities in the state of Goiás
Public actions: 02 | Dissemination actions / social networks / press: 02 | Scientific activities: 02 | Lectures: 02

– Southeast, which covers: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais
Public actions: 15 | Educational actions: 02 | Dissemination actions / social networks / press: 14 | Scientific activities: 8 | Lectures: 17

– South, covering: Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina
Public actions: 15 | Educational actions: 06 | Dissemination actions / social networks / press: 08 | Scientific activities: 16 | Lectures: 36

Location: Brasil

Date of Activity: March 13, 2020

Submitted By: Dr. Andrea Bacelar, President of the Brazilian Sleep Association