Brazil 2020: Alexssandro Geferson Becker / Colégio Cecília Meireles

Delegate: Alexssandro Geferson Becker

Affiliations: Colégio Cecília Meireles

Activity: A lecture on “Sleep quality in young students” was performed at Cecília Meireles College in celebration of World Sleep Day. The Sleep Psychologist, Dra. Nathália B. Becker, talked about the physiological, physical and mental disorders due to low sleep quality. Moreover, some important attitudes related to sleep quality were shown to the students, which demonstrated very interest, because several questions were done, resulting in a healthy discussion.

Additionally, the professor of Biology, Dr. Alexssandro Becker explained during your classes some positive and negative points related to the sleep.
The young students need to understand the importance of good sleep night, and, the schools are very important in this process, because it is inside them that the students should be stimulated to have a healthy life and relationships.

Location: Palotina, Paraná, Brazil

Date of Activity: March, 13, 2020

Submitted By: Alexssandro Geferson Becker