Brazil 2019: Sayonara Beatriz Ranciaro Fagundes

Delegate: Sayonara Beatriz Ranciaro Fagundes

Affiliations: UNIFESP

Short Bio: Sayonara Beatriz Ranciaro Fagundes graduated in Medicine from Federal University of Paraná (Brazil). Fellow in Sleep Medicine. The main research focus is related to RLS. She has published articles in the sleep area and wrote chapter in textbook.She works like reviewer in some international medicine and sleep journals. In 2011 it was awarded the “CSS Student Travel Award”. Affiliations: WASM, AASM, IRLSSG

Activity: We organize a meeting to discuss sleep, how to sleep better, what don’t do to have a good night. The people will be provoked to think about sleep, consequence of don’t have a good sleep, social aspects and driving, etc Materials will be distributed.
The meeting will be at March 15,2019 in Santa Casa, São Paulo, Brazil
Dr Sayonara Beatriz Ranciaro Fagundes
World Sleep Day 2019
Healthy sleep, Healthy aging

Location: Santa Casa, Sao Paulo – Brazil

Date of Activity: March 15, 2019

Submitted By: Sayonara B R Fagundes