Brazil 2019: Regina Margis

Delegate: Regina Margis

Affiliations: Brazilian Association of Psychiatry, Brazilian Association of Traffic Medicine

Short Bio: PhD.
I am a Psychiatrist. I have been working as a Doctor in two areas: Sleep Medicine and Traffic Medicine.

Activity: As a member of Brazilian Association of Traffic Medicine (ABRAMET) I have been developing some activities to highlight the importance of sleep to perform safe driving. In order to celebrate sleep day we will promote meetings in the South, in the Northeast and in the Southeast of Brazil with peers from different areas (Sleep Medicine, Traffic Medicine, Gerontology, Psychiatry and Neurology).
We – ABRAMET – will also send messages to other physicians from different cities and regions of Brazil. These messages will show some images with our slogan “to age well, sleep well; but never sleep while driving”

Location: Brazil

Date of Activity: March, 11-16th

Submitted By: Regina Margis