Brazil 2019: Christiane Cavalcante Feitoza

Delegate: Christiane Cavalcante Feitoza

Affiliations: Federal University of Alagoas

Short Bio: I am professor at Federal University of Alagoas. I am graduated in Dentistry and I have some experience with patients who submitted surgical treatment or used oral appliance for OSA.

Activity: 1st Scientific Meeting of Agreste Alagoano of Sleep Disorders with the theme: Awaken to signs and symptoms and improve their quality of life (figure 1) happened on March 15, 2019, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., in the auditorium of the University Federal University of Alagoas, Campus Arapiraca, Brazil, with an audience of 70 participants – academics and professionals from several areas of health and 9 speakers, researchers of sleep disorders. The programming of the day began with a television interview (figure 2), at 7:10 a.m. announcing the Scientific Meeting and mobilizing the community for the theme. Link: . In sequence, the opening of the event (figure 3) was attended by representatives of the Federal University of Alagoas who welcomed the participants. The programming was multidisciplinary and occurred according to the plan (figures 4). During the event, there were 17 scientific works in the format of posters (figure 5), with awards of the four best presented. At the end, the photographic registration (figures 6 and 7) was done with the entire organizing committee. The disclosure was also made at the address below:
Integrating the World Sleep Day program was a great pleasure, as we collaborated with the campaign of the year on the importance of “Healthy sleep, Healthy aging”.


Location: Federal University of Alagoas, Arapiraca city

Date of Activity: March, 15 2019

Submitted By: Christiane Cavalcante Feitoza