Brazil 2019: Brazilian Sleep Society

Delegate: Paula Araujo

Affiliations: Brazilian Sleep Society

Short Bio:
Brazilian Sleep Society is a multidisciplinary institution whose missions are the promotion of sleep qualification for health professionals, dissemination of scientific knowledge, and increase the sleep awareness of the general population. Brazilian Sleep Society is also composed by 2 affiliated societies: Brazilian Association of Sleep Odontology and Brazilian Association of Sleep Medicine. Both associations are responsible for representing specific categories of sleep professionals and for the accreditation of new professionals in sleep medicine field. Brazilian Sleep Society is a worldwide institution, promoting several activities, comprising courses, scientific meetings, and events for the general population (e.g. Sleep Week). In addition, the society is committed with the development of new public policies in the Brazilian health system. Brazilian Sleep Society is also responsible for Sleep Science – the official scientific journal of Brazilian Sleep Society and Latin American Federation of Sleep Societies.

Brazilian Sleep Society has been conducting activities to celebrate the World Sleep Day since 2014. Rather than focusing on a single day, the World Sleep Day is celebrated during an entire week, increasing the possibility of interaction and exposition of sleep related themes with our society. This year, the Sleep Week occurred from March 11 to March 17, with the slogan “Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging “(in Portuguese: “Dormir bem é envelhecer com saúde). We involved more than 1,000 volunteers (clinicians, researchers and students) to conducted 209 events in 57 different cities (18 states from all 5 Brazilian sociodemographic regions), reaching the significant number of more than 19,000 participants. Participant’s number was measured according to the number of educative booklet distributed. The booklet contained information about sleep and aging, based on the recommendations of the Global Council on Brain Health. The activities conducted during the Sleep Week were: conferences and symposiums for health professionals and academic students, lectures and interactive activities for the general population, activities for community-dwelling elderly population and caregivers, and pronouncements in Brazilian government agencies to dialogue about the importance of Sleep Medicine. 2019 was the birth year of our Sleep Week mascot: Doctor Sleep. Doctor Sleep was created to better interact with the general society form all ages, creating a recreative manner to disseminate scientific knowledge. Doctor Sleep was chosen by the public that accessed the Brazilian Sleep Society social media and elected as the visual identity of the Sleep Week. Besides the public present in all activities, the Sleep Week 2019 was disseminate at the entire Brazilian territoriality due to the interviews in different channels of television, radio, and newspapers (30 interviews), publication of informative materials and videos on the Sleep Week hotsite. The hashtags created to disseminate the Sleep Week actions were reposted in more than 2,000 publications (#semanadosono2019, #semanadosono, #DormirBemÉEnvelhecercomSaúde). The material used during the activities, the interviews content and social media publications were related to the theme “Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging”.
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Location: Brazil (57 cities)

Date of Activity: March 11 to 17 2019

Submitted By: Brazilian Sleep Society