Brazil 2019: Aline Vieira Scarlatelli Lima Bardini

Delegate: Aline Vieira Scarlatelli Lima Bardini

Affiliations: Southern University of Santa Catarina (UNISUL) – Tubarão

Short Bio: Graduated in Medicine from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG); Medical Residency in Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology from the University of São Paulo (USP – Ribeirão Preto Campus).
Master’s degree in Medical Sciences from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) and professor of Medicine at the Southern University of Santa Catarina (UNISUL).
Member of the Brazilian Academy of Neurology (ABN).

Activity: Tubarão Sleep Week 2019
Sleep Hygiene Workshop with eldery people in the Projeto Clube da Juventude: It was organize inside the Project Clube da Juventude that is an extension Project of the medicine course in UNISUL – Tubarão which focus in the social inclusion and cognitive development of old people. The neurologist explained not only about sleep hygiene, but also about how is the epidemiology of this subject.
Distribution of folders about sleep inside Southern University of Santa Catarina (UNISUL – Tubarão): the academics reunited in a central spot inside the university and started to ask other academics and teachers about their sleep routine, instigating them to learn more about it and also to remember them how important it is to have a good sleep routine. Folders were distributed and all the people were invited to participate on the “Lecture about sleep”, also organized by this group.
Lecture about sleep – open to all the community: It was organized a lecture with open invitation to all the community, where the neurologist explained the sleep physiology, showing the most common habits that harm the quality of the sleep routine and the consequences of bad sleeping. By the end of the lecture, seven health professionals of different areas answered the questions of the audience. There was 112 people present. The lecture was televised.
Lecture about sleep inside Association for Child and Adolescent Care (COMBEMTU): Inside COMBEMTU that is a beneficent entity of social assistance to help socially vulnerable children and adolescents, it was organized a meet between the students and the neurologist, in order to explain to them details about the sleeping process and to answer their questions about it. There was more than a hundred people present, including children, adolescents and teachers.
Distribution of folders about sleep in a public square: In order to reach a greater number of people in the city, the academics went out in a public square, sharing their knowledge, giving advice about sleep hygiene and distributing folders and applying questionnaires to the community people who were passing by.
Media: Television and radio Interviews
In the end of our week, we counted 189 questionnaires of sleep that will be sent to the Brazilian association of sleep.


  1. Liga Acadêmica de Neurologia de Tubarão (Neuroliga) – Taís Luise Denicol; Luiggia Dacoregio Squizatto; Isabella Paes;
  2. Liga Acadêmica de Psiquiatria e Saúde Mental (LAPS) – Lucas Vitório Schmitz de Carvalho;
  3. Liga Acadêmica de Geriatria e Psicogeriatria (LAGEP) – Carolina Thomazi de Lima;
  4. Associação Atlética Acadêmica de Medicina Cacique Tuba-nharô (AAAMCTN) – Fernanda Biasi;
  5. Projeto de Extensão Clube da Juventude – Daniela Willig/ Rafaella Willig/ Gabriela Casagrande;
  6. Centro Acadêmico de Medicina Dr. Geraldo Althoff (CAMGA) – Isabela Martins Silveira de Souza/ Lara Damiani Cabral;
  7. Standing Committee on Public Health (SCOPH) do Comitê Local Unisul Tubarão – IFMSA Brazil – Eduarda Pellin Battasini/ Laíse Koenig de Lima.

Location: Tubarão, Santa Catarina – Brazil

Date of Activity: March 11 to 17, 2019

Submitted By: Aline Vieira Scarlatelli Lima Bardini; Taís Luise Denicol; Luiggia Dacoregio Squizatto; Lucas Vitório Schmitz de Carvalho; Isabella Paes