Brazil 2018: Nathália Brandolim Becker

Delegate: Nathália Brandolim Becker

Affiliations: Self-employed in Clinical Psychology. Collaborator in “Viver de Brincar” (Brazil). Collaborating researcher at the Research Centre for Spatial and Organizational Dynamics (CIEO – Portugal), and at the Department of Physiology, Universidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR – Brazil).
Short Bio: Psychologist (Methodist University of São Paulo, Brazil, 2008-2012), Master in Health Psychology (Metodista University of São Paulo, Brazil, 2013-2014) and PhD in Psychology (University of Algarve, Portugal, 2014-2017).
I perform research related to the qualities of sleep and life and emotions. I have several scientific studies related to these subjects. I also worked on psychoeducational projects (patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus) and had clinical experience.

Activity: Lecture about the importance of sleep on development and learning. Link to access more details (in Portuguese):

Location: Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil

Date of Activity: March 14, 2018

Submitted By: Nathália Brandolim Becker