Brazil 2018: Brazilian Sleep Society

Delegate: Fábio José Fabrício de Barros Souza

Affiliations: Brazilian Sleep Society – Associação Brasileira do Sono – ABS

Short Bio: Pulmonologyst since 2004
Sleep Medicine Specialist since 2013
President of Santa Catarina Association of Sleep in Brazil

Activity: We will make an event in a public square (March 17th – city of Criciúma – Santa Catarina state – Brazil) to guide about sleep disorders, refer to treatments of sleep disorders, explain about polysomnography, how to improve sleep quality and sleep hygiene. We will apply sleep quality questionnaires, Pittsburgh, Epworth, Berlion and Stop-Bang questionnaires.
Classes for medical students on sleep disorders.
Radio and television interviews during the week.

Location: Criciúma, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Date of Activity: March 17th

Submitted By: Fábio Souza – ABS