Brazil 2017: Sayonara Beatriz Ranciaro Fagundes

Delegate: Dr. Sayonara Beatriz Ranciaro Fagundes

Affiliations: WASM, AASM, IRLSSG


We are organizing meeting that will be at March 17 and 22 in “Ginásio Mané Garrincha”, São Paulo(SP-Brazil) to help the community to understand more about the sleep even sleep disease. We promoted a meeting to discuss sleep themes. The community was invited to participate and clarify doubts about sleep,sleep disease, myth and truth. Material was distributed during the meeting.Brochure with sleep information will be delivered. Annually people search for help to sleep better and try to improve the quality of life. It will be lecture to explain sleep and sleep disease and we will answer questions. Our goal is to work together with the sleep community to increase the folks health.

Location: Clube Escola Ibirapuera – São Paulo – Brazil

Date: March, 17 and 22

Submitted by: Sayonara Fagundes

Short Bio: Dr. Sayonara Beatriz Ranciaro Fagundes graduated in Medicine from Federal University of Paraná (Brazil). Fellow in Sleep Medicine. The main research focus is related to RLS. She has published articles in the sleep area and wrote chapter in textbook.She works like reviewer in some international medicine and sleep journals. In 2011 it was awarded the “CSS Student Travel Award”.  Affiliations: WASM, AASM, IRLSSG