Brazil 2017: Kenya Felicíssimo in affiliation with Brazilian Association of Sleep

Delegate: Kenya Felicíssimo in affiliation with Brazilian Association of Sleep

Affiliations: Associada à Associação Brasileira do Sono-ABS

Activity: For the last three years (2014, 2015 and 2016), I’ve been promoting events in the city of Salvador-BA, on behalf of the World Sleep Day. These meetings are meant to draw the attention of people to sleep diseases. These happenings were created so we could help the population to understand what sleep disorders are and how important it is to seek treatment to this modern life issue. All events are free, opened to the public and count with workshops by reputed professionals of the health, specialized on the sleep area. Besides the activities of March, workshops are also promoted in other periods of the year, leafletings, shopping center stands, and also an active work at social media and the press.

In March, on the behalf of World’s Sleep Day, Doctor Kenya Felicíssimo, Brazil’s Delegate for WASM, promotes various free events in Salvador (Bahia-Brazil), with the purpose of raising popular awareness about the mischiefs of sleep deficit. On the 13rd, the dentist surgeon ministers lectures at Tsylla Balbino Maternity Hospital and Regional Nursery Council of Bahia. On the 14th, the conversation happens at Camaçari’s Municipal Secretary. On the 17th, Kenya Felicíssimo participates of a social happening by the Sleep League of Bahia at Bela Vista Shopping Center. On the 18th, is Bodytech Gym’s turn. The Sleep Odontology’s specialist closes her activities for the month on the 25th, 11 a.m., with an open public lecture at Cultura Library’s theater, in Salvador Shopping. It will be the fourth ediction of the event “Take Care of Your Sleep and Improve Life Quality – Sleeping Well Nourishes Life”. The meeting count of the participation of renowned professionals of the health area.

Location: In the city of Salvador on the state of Bahia, Brazil

Date: World Sleep Day 2017 Workshop (IV Take Care Of Your Sleep and Improve Life Quality) – March’s 18nd – 2017; PROGRAMMED

Short Bio: Kenya Felícíssimo is a dentist, and a pioneer in sleep odontology in Bahia, state of Brazil, with a certificated title from the Brazilian Association of Sleep (ABS). She is PhD in Biotechnology by the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) and a specialist in Orthodontics and Radiology by the Brazilian Academy of Military Medicine. Currently works in the treatment of disturbs such as snore, apnea, bruxism, temporomandibular joint disorders, tinnitus and airway resistance, and in the orthodontics area. She is a CEO from the startup MK Inovare, a forerunner company of research, development and innovation projects in Brazil in the area of sleep disturbs. Kenya coordinates projects contemplated by FAPESB, the research supporting foundation on the state of Bahia, FINEP (Founding of Studies and Pojects) and CNPq (National Council of Scientific and Technologic Development). She won the Independent Inovator’s prize by UFBA, with the innovative New AIO, an intraoral equipment to treatment snore, produced in industrial scale, which already has a patent in Brazil.