Brazil 2016: “Caminhada do Sono”

Delegate: Fernanda Camargo

Activity:  Since 2013 we have held an annual event “Caminhada do Sono” to raise awareness.  Every year in March we walk 3k around Ibirapuera Park with many people that want to know more about the importance of sleeping well!

Nowadays we use the website that features characters like a family that has some sleep disorders: Pedrinho, Marieta, Teodoro, Gilberto and Analice, and Julio to show about Impact in life.

This year the “Caminhada do Sono” will be In 03/06!!

And specific In 03/18 world Sleep day we’ll do another action more simple Você Ronca – Do you Snoring?

Location: Brazil

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Fernanda Camargo 1Fernanda Camargo 2Fernanda Camargo 3Fernanda Camargo 4

Fernanda Camargo 6Fernanda Camargo 7Fernanda Camargo 8Fernanda Camargo 9Fernanda Camargo 10Fernanda Camargo 5


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Short Bio: I am physiotherapist from Physical Care company and our interprise has focus in treatment of Sleep Apnea by CPAP machine.