Belgium 2021: Dr. Aisha Cortoos / Brainwise – Sleep & Performance 

Delegate: Dr. Aisha Cortoos

Affiliations: Brainwise – Sleep&Performance

Short Bio: She received her Master in Psychology in 2004 (VUB), her PhD in Biological Psychology in 2009 (VUB) and her postgraduate in systemic psychotherapy in 2013 (IPRR). In 2008 she started as a sleep psychologist at the sleep lab of the University Hospital Brussel. Together with her colleagues in Antwerp and Leuven, and in collaboration with the Belgian Association for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine (BASS), she developed the landscape of insomnia treatment in Belgium. As a Postdoctoral fellow she collaborates with the Royal Military Academy on projects regarding sleep, fatigue and performances. She is a guest lecturer at the department of Biological Psychology of the VUB, at the Royal Military Academy (RMA) and for several formations organised by the BASS. She is the founder of Brainwise, which focuses on bringing the science about a healthy brain for peak performances to the public.

Activity: publish sleep checklist (NL and ENG) and give a promo (reduction of 50€) on our online sleep training (for now only in Dutch).

Location: Overijse, Belgium

Date of Activity: 19/03/2021

Submitted By: Aisha Cortoos