Belgium 2019: Sleepability / Silversquare

Delegate: Sleepability

Affiliations: Silversquare

Short Bio: Dot Zacharias became an Integrative Sleep Coach and founded Sleepability in early 2018 after a 10-year corporate career. She has delivered the “sleep challenge” for large corporations in Belgium, helping people change attitudes and behaviours around sleep through workshops, an online programme and personal sleep coaching. Dot uses sleep hygiene, coaching and mindfulness techniques to help people reconnect with their natural ability to sleep.

Activity: For World Sleep Day, Sleepability is offering free 30-minute sleep consultations for members of Silversquare, a leading co-working space in Brussels for independent professionals, entrepreneurs and micro enterprises.

Sleepability is also running an awareness raising campaign by providing free communication packs to our corporate network, that they can share with their teams. Communication includes information about World Sleep Day, tips on how to sleep and a free sleep survey.

Location: Silversquare Stephanie, Brussels, Belgium

Date of Activity: 15 March 2019

Submitted By: Dot Zacharias