Barbados 2024: Dr. Alison Mayers | Caribbean Dental Sleep Medicine Conference

Delegate: Dr. Alison Mayers

Affiliation: Caribbean Dental Sleep Medicine Conference

Short Bio:


1) Appeared on our local early morning TV show “Mornin’ Barbados” along with local Sleep Physician Professor Timothy Roach. During that program I was able to share with the viewers about sleep apnea -why it is a problem that should not be overlooked, and about how local dentists are collaborating more with local sleep physicians in both screening for and the treatment of sleep apnea.

2) Shared about the Caribbean Dental Sleep Medicine – where we are training dentists from the Caribbean region to screen for and treat sleep apnea

3) Posted about World Sleep Day on LinkedIn – which received over 1400 impressions- from persons from all over the world

Please see the link here for that post

Location: St. Michael

Date of Activity: March 14th 2024

Submitted by: Dr Alison Mayers